Dad Time Shanghai - Video

In 1994, during a study abroad in Hangzhou, China, a city just outside of Shanghai, I fell in love with photography. Whether it was a response to the culture shock or a synergy of my equally left and right brain tendencies — the medium had gotten to me. I spent a year working out my transition from engineering to the arts and then never looked back. I had a growing itch to return to this fascinating, at times confusing, and incredibly beautiful country to continue my current personal project about fatherhood. I am especially proud of the video we produced to accompany the stills:


The changes that China has undergone between 1994 and now cannot be understated. During our visit in 2016, Hangzhou was busy hosting the world’s leaders for a G20 Summit. Shanghai and its surrounding area had factories shut down for weeks in advance of the conference so we could all be greeted with clearer skies. So much about Chinese culture is fascinating, confusing, and incredibly beautiful. It was a dream to be able to explore a glimpse of this culture through the dads who each welcomed me into their lives for a day.

Stills: Callie Lipkin
Motion Camera: Leah Fithian
GoPro: Trevor Power
Editor: Traci Weingardt 

Heart Health Month - Quaker

Last fall we were commissioned to shoot a Heart Health Month campaign for Quaker by The Marketing Arm.  We photographed a mother daughter and a husband wife having a 'heart talk' at a location in Wilmette, IL. The idea behind the heart talk is to involve family members of women in communicating with their loved ones about their health and raise awareness that heart disease is currently women's number one health risk.


Producer: Trevor Power
Assistants: Leah Fithian, Lyndon French, Jon Wes
Hair/Makeup: Lauren Frenden
Wardrobe/Props: Lavi Toma
Food Styling: Mary-Helen Steindler
Digital: Jamie Bayer
Casting: Trigger
Locations: Levinson Locations

Prevention - Aha! Moment

It wasn't a new year's resolution that led these women to jump start their extreme weight loss journeys. It all started with an Aha! moment. Last October, we had the pleasure of photographing three amazing women for Prevention magazine to accompany their personal weight loss stories. Combined, the three have lost an astounding total of 427 lbs. Their stories are focused on the moment they really decided to make a change for themselves. No dieting gimmicks, just harnessing the power of their Aha! moments. 

Because each woman was located in different state -- and one in a different country -- we had quite the road trip on our horizon. In order to complete the project, we first drove to Lima, Ohio - then to Wiarton, Ontario, and lastly to Portland, Maine. We flew home from there and rested for a few days after. I cannot thank the designers enough for making this piece look so great.

SCJ print ads

Following up to the Happy Thanksgathering post — we got to take a look at some of the print ads below. It's great to see how these messy moments came together.

Comcast Xfinity - Happy Holidays

It was great to work with the awesome Burrell team on this annual holiday campaign again, especially since this year's concept had a little Dad Time in it. Special thanks to all who helped make this happen.

Producer: Trevor Power
Assistants: Leah Fithian, Lyndon French, Tom Michas
Digital: Brian Pietrini
Wardrobe and Props: Lavi Toma
Hair/Makeup: Lauren Frenden
Casting: Trigger
Location: Levinson Locations

THL Credit

Earlier this year, we completed a hybrid still and motion rebranding project for Boston-based THL Credit that has recently launched. Altogether, we shot lifestyle stills, video, interviews, and portraits for two days in Chicago and two days in Boston. Their new website has great visual impact and features the photography we did along with a brand video.

GrubHub Video

I'm really excited to share this video we shot during our recent GrubHub B2B lifestyle shoot. Leah Fithian was on motion cameras and Trevor Power helped us with some GoPro accents. Traci Weingardt did an amazing job cutting it together. Enjoy!