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My annual magazine is finally in print - this time featuring a project I have been working on all year.

2018-Magazine-Mom_v10-1 copy2.jpg

I never imagined myself as a mother, but when my husband and I decided to have a child together, it really opened up a whole new path in life for me.

I began photographing my Dad Time series shortly after my second son was born in 2013. Since my husband really became a full time dad at that point, we both started seeing the world through the lens of fatherhood which informed much of the early images. I also enjoyed documenting and directing other dads in scenarios that spoke about their own particular styles of parenting. I was still at a comfortable distance as the observer.

When my third son was born in late 2016, my world was in minor chaos. Taking almost no time off to keep my business running smoothly, I was lucky to spend a few hours a day with the new baby, with any of my kids really. My husband was holding everything together; we would wave and smile as we passed in the night.

I finally felt compelled to explore motherhood visually. My point of view was now more firmly developed, I feel lesslike a foreinger, more like an expat giving directions.


Special Thanks to Lisa Itzkowitz for designing this print piece for us. Custom artwork courtesy of my 2-year-old, Shane.

Here's to more great projects in 2019!

New Mom Time motion project

Why do we do the things we do - what motivates us to try to be the best we can be?

I recently directed this short narrative piece - inspired by first hand experience. Our bodies go through so much change with pregnancy and childbirth. It can be overwhelming to try to put things back on course. Luckily we have little reminders of why we need to keep our bodies strong.

Huge thank you to this amazing team:

DOP - Chris Beauchesne
Editing - Mike Meier
Colorist - Clark Griffiths
Production - Trevor Power
Assisting - Tom Michas
Styling - Lavi Toma
Hair/Makeup - Alex Tatar
Main Talent - Joy Comerford
Child Talent - Bode Lohmeier

Mom Time

Mom Time

After photographing fathers for Dad Time, my last personal project, it seemed like  a natural progression to move into my next subject matter: moms. The images are much more personal, I'm no longer an arms length away from my subject matter. Most of these moments are inspired by my experience as a mom of three, or my hopes for the kind of mom I could be. Visit my website here: to view my full portfolio.

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Updated Online Portfolio

I am excited to announce a fresh new body of work on my website:

You can now jump to exactly what you are looking for in the new categories which include: Lifestyle, Kids + Family, Corporate, Portraits and Healthcare.

As always, you can follow along with updates from my recent projects on my instagram account here:

Enjoy the rest of the summer!


Dad Time for Dockers / Fatherly

Earlier this summer, I was commissioned through Fatherly to shoot two dads in New York City for a collaboration with Dockers. We photographed Mike Chau, famous food Instagrammer @foodbabyny, and Simon Isaacs, co-founder of Fatherly, donning their Dockers on an outing with their kids. The ask was to document their kids' "best day ever," and the locations and beautiful summer weather did not disappoint. You can see the article here.

Mike took his kids - Matthew (Matty) and Samantha (Sammy) - to  Nick's Pizza  after some fun at the park in Queens, NY.

Mike took his two kids  Matthew (Matty) and Samantha (Sammy)  to Nick's Pizza and Snowdays after some fun at a park near their home in Queens, NY. The kids ran around at the playground, ate pizza, and shared an incredible looking ice cream sundae. 

Simon Issacs, co-founder of the parenting blog Fatherly, took his two-year-old daughter, Kaia, to the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey and headed to Cherry-Pick for some ice cream afterwards.  You can read more about his parenting and entrepreneurial styles in his Fatherly article here.

Portraits for the Bentonville Film Festival

In April, I was commissioned to create a series of expressive portraits for Mars Inc. via The Integer Group. Light boxes up to eight feet tall are displaying each image along with a beautifully designed quote from that person at the Bentonville Film Festival in Arkansas to celebrate workplace diversity. Check out the results below.

Art Direction: Kelsey Kovalcik
Hair/Makeup: Lauren Frenden
Lighting Assist: Kevin Serna
Tech/Assist: Allie DeMarco

New Portfolio

We made this teaser while unboxing and assembling my new portfolios this week. I'm looking forward to getting some face time with clients in the coming months.

Prevention + Transform with Yoga

It is inspiring to think what a little exercise video can do to your daily routine. Prevention magazine's Transform with Yoga video program has changed the life of Jenni and Chip Ferris for the better. The program has helped remind them to stay connected with nature and with each other. They keep each other motivated when practicing yoga together and compare notes when they practice apart. This newly integrated routine has helped the two of them find calm in the chaos of their day to day lives. Check out the accompanying motion piece captured for this story below.