New work for Tyson's Holiday Recipe Campaign

Cookies with caramel corn and bacon? Delicious meatballs and sausage rolls? The folks at Tyson and IN Connected Marketing have created a bevy of delicious recipes for the carnivores you know. Here are a couple of my favorite moments. Special thanks for awesome creative direction and killer crew for making this a success!

  • Producer: Trevor Power

  • Locations/MoHo: Levinson Locations

  • Styling Lead: Lavin Toma

  • Grooming Lead: Lauren Frenden

  • Food Styling Lead: Johanna Lowe

  • PA: Emily Madigan

  • Tech: John Burdett

  • Assists: Tom Michas, Jack Goodwin, Will Hartman

  • Child Wrangler: Meg Grunewald

Cox Communications

This past spring, I had the opportunity to create a brand new image library for Cox communications including images for both their small business and residential communications services. We partnered with FCB to produce a thee day shoot on location that included 26 lifestyle scenarios. I was thrilled to be able to finally work with Mary Beth (below) who has come to dozens of castings over the years. She was absolutely perfect for the role of creative small business owner - and she even brought her own composting bucket to the set which was awesome. We also cast Imani and Andrew Mazzorana - who had a pretty easy time playing siblings since they are brother and sister. In house producer Trevor Power took the lead on pulling a lot of details together - and prop/wardrobe team Lavi and Sebastian Toma went absolutely above and beyond their scope in order to create convincing sets and wardrobe options on a tight schedule. Huge thanks to the crew involved and a fantastic creative team at the agency - we were practically finishing each others sentences and the teamwork really comes through in the final results.


New branding images: Palantir

It’s something I love to be a part of - refreshing portraiture and lifestyle images for a company with a great purpose. I have worked with Palantir for the past few years to bring their culture to the forefront of their visual identity through photography. It’s inspiring to see a group of creative minds coming together and channeling their various skills. Their team stands behind their motto - to collaborate, make the right choices and think about long term strategy. We created 39 new portraits and documented a series of breakout groups, brainstorming sessions and team building activities this past May. Visit their website for more about this great web agency:


New beauty work in studio

When one of my stylists, Jenna Baltes, reached out to shoot some new beauty work I jumped at the chance to do something a little different. I really wanted to shoot portraits that focused on beautiful skin and bring some much needed sunshine into the studio while we were waiting for spring to arrive. I put together three simple sets and used lighting inspired by daylight. Natural light comes in endless variations. Cloudy days look different than open shade. Sunlight can be either reflected or absorbed by endless surfaces outdoors. No matter what I’m shooting, I love to create light that feels like it could be found outside using various bounces and reflections combined with harder light sources. Take a peek at some of my favorite shots below.

Styling: Jenna Baltes

Production: Trevor Power

Assistant: Tom Michas

Talent (top row from left): Marijka Munoz (10 MNGMT), Molly Divane (Ford) & Mana Montage (Ford)

Woman's Day feature

I was recently asked to create a series of portraits in the studio for a Woman’s Day feature that just came out this week. I truly enjoy photographing people who are not normally in front of the camera, its a fun challenge to help them get relaxed outside of their comfort zone. The assignment was to include various blank white boards where the designer could insert copy. We got to hear some of their surprising stories of how they were creatively minimizing their debt. Huge thanks to the Woman’s Day editors for sending this my way and to Lauren Frenden on hair and makeup and to Tom Michas for assisting.

Living with Passion: Director's Cut

Can you imagine being 83 years old and pole vaulting? What about training five times a week at that age in track and field? Seems almost impossible. That’s what I thought until I met Flo Meiler, world record-breaking pole vaulter at 80 and track and field star with more than 750 medals. I was inspired by her physical strength and endurance, the way she took on hurdles, one after another with the grace and elegance of someone who had been training their entire life. Meiler only started at 60. 

In a recent interview before heading off to Poland last month for the World Masters Athletics Championship Indoor, Meiler said she loves the challenges of the hurdles and pole vault events, and it got me thinking of the challenges that most inspire me. While I don’t foresee pole vaulting or jumping hurdles anytime soon, I realized I’m most inspired when bringing my creative vision to life in images. This doesn’t always happen easily, and it often takes a dedicated team of creative professionals at my side, but like a track star who trains five days a week, we are always in training too, jumping through hoops and getting over hurdles, never stopping until we’re sure my creative vision has been brought to life in images.

Meiler’s commitment to maintaining an active lifestyle and staying healthy is a blueprint in many ways to leading a life filled with passion and joy, and I hope you’ll enjoy watching Flo in action as much as I did.

Lifestyle Library for Optum

I’m excited to share this collection of lifestyle, clinical, and corporate images I created for Optum this past year. Trevor produced a three day shoot in Chicago and a one day shoot in Minneapolis to cover 21 scenarios. Four locations and 42 talent later we had a great start creating a custom image library for this client. It’s incredibly rewarding to work with a client who sets the stage for me to be able to make beautiful images within their shot list.

In order to bring subject matter experts and authenticity to our scenarios, we sought out three veterans to play our former military subjects and three nurses to administer care to our talent. We also added twenty extras to our corporate shoot in order to showcase some of the larger meeting spaces the client wanted to highlight.