New Work


Proof that winter can't last forever.  Here are some images we made last summer for the retirement community Vi.  We always hope for a beautiful day if we are shooting outside - but when we get rain, there are ways to fool the camera into thinking its sunny and warm out.  Special thanks to my crew for creating the sun and TDH for thinking of me for this project.


I am excited to finally share the results of a three day library and campaign for UIC - they are starting to appear now throughout the CTA.  Special thanks to Studio V for bringing me on board.

YMCA Enhance Fitness

We photographed a combo of talent and Y members together for this fitness campaign.  Nothing like about a dozen people in motion and a lightening storm to make things interesting.

#dadtime timelapse

This short timelapse is part of an ongoing project I started working on this summer about dads and how they spend their time with their kids.  It began with the inspiration from my husband, Robert, and the time he spends with our two boys every day as their primary care giver.  This particular scene takes a page from David and Audrey's real life.  When I saw Audrey's post 'Her first tasting menu. By Chef Daddy.' I knew this was something I wanted to capture. Parenthood is an almost universal right of passage and it has a deep and varied meaning for everyone who experiences it firsthand.  I am enjoying these personal glimpses into the life of Dads.

Olympus Partners

Excited to share some more new financial re-branding work we did with The Monogram Group.  This was for Olympus, just outside of NYC.  

Direct Energy

This past spring we had the privilege of photographing three real families at their homes for a Direct Energy library and campaign.  Special thanks to Trigger/Planet Earth for casting such great people for us.

21 Day Challenge - Prevention

Its always inspiring to work with subjects for Prevention Magazine - and Martha Seddon of Lakeland, FL was no exception.  Her energy and spirit really shine through in the images, and her whole community came out to support her for these group yoga pictures.  We also got lucky with a last minute location change the day before and a photo finish appearance by the sun.  Extra special thanks to Martha for all her help coordinating extras and location ideas shoot.  Enjoy!

Success Story

My team and I had a blast photographing Dr John Ellis for the day for Prevention Magazine this spring.  His story about how he lost over 100 pounds is truly inspiring.  See the article here.