Entrepreneur Spotlight #3

Meet Josh Cooley, owner of Belmont Barbershop in Chicago.  A more than appropriate name for a guy who knows a thing or two about style. What kind of business are you in? JC: The timeless craft of barbering

How long have you been in business? JC: A little over 5 years.

What was your last job before starting your business? JC: I worked at a shop that was more of a "man salon" than a true barbershop.  I was frustrated with the atmosphere and mediocre haircuts that were given at that shop.  I decided that I only want to work with guys who've gone through the same barber training that I have.  It was a turning point and now I have an atmosphere and quality that I am proud of.

Where did you grow up? JC: I grew up in Northern Ohio.  I lived close to Oberlin College, Cleveland, and a lot of farms.  I am proud of it all.  I was exposed to a lot of culture, yet I was able to enjoy a simple life in the country.  I dream of a day when a Cleveland sports team will win a championship.

Where did you go to college? JC: I studied Art at a small liberal arts school in Kentucky called Asbury College.  I also attended The University of Cincinnati.  I ended up going to Allstate Barber College in Cleveland to get a diploma.  My college education was not necessary for my profession, but it enhances my life.

What is your favorite thing about working for yourself? JC: I think it's the adventure.  I like the control and the freedom to focus on what I care about.

What is your least favorite thing about working for yourself? JC: I never get to call in sick!