Prevention - Aha! Moment

It wasn't a new year's resolution that led these women to jump start their extreme weight loss journeys. It all started with an Aha! moment. Last October, we had the pleasure of photographing three amazing women for Prevention magazine to accompany their personal weight loss stories. Combined, the three have lost an astounding total of 427 lbs. Their stories are focused on the moment they really decided to make a change for themselves. No dieting gimmicks, just harnessing the power of their Aha! moments. 

Because each woman was located in different state -- and one in a different country -- we had quite the road trip on our horizon. In order to complete the project, we first drove to Lima, Ohio - then to Wiarton, Ontario, and lastly to Portland, Maine. We flew home from there and rested for a few days after. I cannot thank the designers enough for making this piece look so great.