Doughnut Vault

In the early hours of the morning - anywhere between 1 and 3am depending on the days volume - Doughnut Vault kitchen staff will start frying and glazing doughnuts for the day.  The shop, which opened its doors in 2011 in an unused corner of the Gilt Bar restaurant, starts serving its loyal customers at 8am weekdays and 9:30am on weekends.  They stay open until the doughnuts sell out and waiting in a line out the door is usually required.  The Vault Van takes this shop on the road - turning heads as well as noses at various locations downtown.  Visit their tumblr page for daily specials and van routes:

This project was shot throughout this past summer and came to life with the support of Jessi DiBartolomeo and the rest of the Doughnut Vault staff.

Directed & Shot by Callie Lipkin 

2nd Camera - Nathanael Filbert

First Assistant (Stills) - Nathanael Filbert / Kevin Serna