Living with Passion: Director's Cut

Can you imagine being 83 years old and pole vaulting? What about training five times a week at that age in track and field? Seems almost impossible. That’s what I thought until I met Flo Meiler, world record-breaking pole vaulter at 80 and track and field star with more than 750 medals. I was inspired by her physical strength and endurance, the way she took on hurdles, one after another with the grace and elegance of someone who had been training their entire life. Meiler only started at 60. 

In a recent interview before heading off to Poland last month for the World Masters Athletics Championship Indoor, Meiler said she loves the challenges of the hurdles and pole vault events, and it got me thinking of the challenges that most inspire me. While I don’t foresee pole vaulting or jumping hurdles anytime soon, I realized I’m most inspired when bringing my creative vision to life in images. This doesn’t always happen easily, and it often takes a dedicated team of creative professionals at my side, but like a track star who trains five days a week, we are always in training too, jumping through hoops and getting over hurdles, never stopping until we’re sure my creative vision has been brought to life in images.

Meiler’s commitment to maintaining an active lifestyle and staying healthy is a blueprint in many ways to leading a life filled with passion and joy, and I hope you’ll enjoy watching Flo in action as much as I did.