Mikva Challenge

Personal Project | Mikva Challenge

Mikva Challenge was founded in 1997 as a tribute to former White House Counsel, Judge, and U.S. Congressman Abner Mikva and his wife Zoe, a teacher and lifelong education activist. Based on the premise that youth voice and participation matter, Mikva Challenge believes that our civic and political life will be stronger when youth participate and help shape their own destinies.

We visited with some of the Mikva Challenge students during the summer to document their participation within the program. The students were active members of a number of Mikva's Citywide Youth Councils, who's main goals include speaking out about issues affecting them, their schools and communities, taking action on those issues, advising city and school officials on issues affecting young Chicagoans, and advocating for change within their schools and communities. 

Not only did we see these students as active members of the classroom, but we also saw them as active members of the community participating in a pop-up soapbox. The soapbox took place in Daley Plaza where the youth were publicly speaking out about issues affecting them in today's world. It's always inspiring having the opportunity to document individuals and organizations who are passionate about making real change.