Mom Time Magazine

My annual magazine is finally in print - this time featuring a project I have been working on all year.

2018-Magazine-Mom_v10-1 copy2.jpg

I never imagined myself as a mother, but when my husband and I decided to have a child together, it really opened up a whole new path in life for me.

I began photographing my Dad Time series shortly after my second son was born in 2013. Since my husband really became a full time dad at that point, we both started seeing the world through the lens of fatherhood which informed much of the early images. I also enjoyed documenting and directing other dads in scenarios that spoke about their own particular styles of parenting. I was still at a comfortable distance as the observer.

When my third son was born in late 2016, my world was in minor chaos. Taking almost no time off to keep my business running smoothly, I was lucky to spend a few hours a day with the new baby, with any of my kids really. My husband was holding everything together; we would wave and smile as we passed in the night.

I finally felt compelled to explore motherhood visually. My point of view was now more firmly developed, I feel lesslike a foreinger, more like an expat giving directions.


Special Thanks to Lisa Itzkowitz for designing this print piece for us. Custom artwork courtesy of my 2-year-old, Shane.

Here's to more great projects in 2019!