Grub Hub Lifestyle Photography

We had the opportunity in September to shoot for GrubHub, where we created a lifestyle image library to be used online and in print. We shot in a number of interesting locations to showcase the brand's versatility. From large corporate catering orders to individual meals from favorite local restaurants, GrubHub helps you find and order food from wherever you are.

We spent three days creating editorial style lifestyle images focused on candid, genuine, and aspirational moments. We spent time shooting downtown, in Wicker Park, Humboldt Park, and Lincoln Park and could not have asked for better weather for our outside scenes. 


Producer:  Trevor Power

Photo Assistants:  Leah Fithian, Jon Wes, Naomi Chu, Lyndon French, Gonzalo Guzman

DIT:  Kyle Frere

Hair + Makeup:  Jenna Baltes

Stylist:  Rebekah Wiest

Location Scout:  Emily Sutherlin of Kate Levinson Locations

MoPro Chicago:  Mike Muschong