Timber Lanes

Named for the tree trunks supporting the oldest building on the property, Timber Lanes is a mid-twentieth century time capsule. Bob Kuhn and his wife Karen have owned the classic bowling alley for the past 30 years.  The lanes were last renovated in the late seventies, and although they have automatic pinsetters, bowlers are still required to keep their own scores. 

Leagues bowl at Chicago's Timber Lanes every day of the week, many of them have been there for 25 years or longer.  “This is there one night out with their friends every week,” says Kuhn, and the bowlers really let loose. 

After spending a lifetime working in bowling alleys, owner, Bob Kuhn, tries to maintain an atmosphere that people want to keep coming back to.  “We have to create a memory for somebody,” says Kuhn.  “When they walk out the door they have nothing.”  It’s his job to make sure they want to continue making those memories.