YMCA USA's Afterschool Program

Back in March, we did a shoot to help promote the YMCA USA’s many after school programs. Using a combination of real life YMCA members and professional talent, we shot at a local YMCA in Evanston, Illinois.

Two scenarios we focused on were the ritual and getting started portions of their afterschool programs, where kids are greeted by their counselors and actively participate in choosing which activities they want to do that afternoon. We photographed the kids and counselors participating in reading groups, academic enrichment, arts + crafts, and STEM activities. This also included scenarios where the children clean up after their activities and help prepare and set up for another group’s activity.


Producer:  Trevor Power

PA:  Brian Gladkowski

Assistants:  Leah Fithian, Kevin Serna, Jon Wes, Will Hartman

DIT:  Brian Pietrini

Child Wrangler:  Meg Grunewald

Stylist:  Sebastian Toma

Hair + Makeup:  Lauren Frenden