Dad Time stills and motion — Eric Stevens

Eric Stevens and his wife, Jessie, along with their son, Leif, welcomed us to explore the many acres of land they live on in Cull Canyon, a regional park located in Castro Valley, California. Part of the East Bay Regional Parks system, the area is filled with gorgeous hills dotted with trees, shrubs, and no shortage of wildflowers. By day, Eric is a designer for GE and by night, he can be found in his woodshop and creating art, working on his truck and around the farm, and spending time with his son and wife.

After tinkering with Eric's 1962 International Harvester Scout 80 in his garage, we took to the hills to hike around and take in the incredible views. We trekked up the hills through some man-made paths and kept going even after those paths tapered off. The Scout was ever-promising and once we safely made it to the top, Leif was quick to lead the way to show us his favorite part about living there. Exploring the land and everything around him, Leif is the epitome of wanderlust at just a few years old.