Doejo Video

A few months back we had the lovely opportunity to document a day in the life of Doejo's office in Lakeview. If you aren't already familiar, Doejo is an innovation studio powered by a collective of problem solvers. As their site states, they create platforms, experiences, spaces, and companies that build momentum and scale. 

Product development, UX strategy + design, advertising, branding + collateral, video + motion graphics, and photography are just a few of the many things they do. They welcomed us into their space to let us visually explore the work they do day in and day out.

It is always really refreshing to be able to test in new spaces with new people and discover new techniques or rediscover old ones. It's also the perfect opportunity to test new gear and equipment in a low stress environment. Everyone at Doejo was super great to work with, and there was no shortage of interesting desk accessories.