UnitedHealthcare + UnitedHealth Group

Back in April, we had an amazing time down in Florida for a shoot with Periscope Agency for UnitedHealthcare and UnitedHealth Group. We spent two days scouting upon our arrival and the following six days shooting up to five scenarios per day.

Subjects covered throughout the imagery included engaging and compassionate care from your medical providers, enjoying the everyday of what brings joy to seniors, staying connected with friends, family, and your healthcare, enjoying life at any age, staying fit, and living life to its fullest. 

This was a challenging shoot that involved multiple locations per day, most of which were outside with full Florida sunshine. We had a number of animal talent including the cutest dogs and a Green-Winged Macaw (commonly known as the "Gentle Giant"). Luckily, we were able to cast one of the bird's handlers, a regular zoo volunteer that we found online while researching the Central Florida Zoo. 

Another day involved shooting with Louie's Bistro, an incredible food truck that also provided our lunch for the day. That same day we were shooting a Fun Run, where we learned that one of our talent has appeared in many episodes of the Walking Dead (and she totally killed it during the shoot!). We also found ourselves at Seminole State College in Altamonte Springs, a beautiful residential home in Orlando, a gorgeous farm in Sorrento, Sanford's town square, a traditional American diner in Sanford, and a fitness gym in Casselberry.

  • Total number of travel, scout, + shoot days:  10
  • Number of talent (not including extras):  44
  • Portion of days we needed an RV:  3/6
  • Number of weird Airbnb experiences:  +5
  • Percentage of full sun during outdoor shoot days:  90%
  • Number of car jumps:  1


Producer:  Trevor Power

Photography Assistants:  Leah Fithian, Brian Carlson, Austin McCurry

PA:  Alex Tatro

Digital:  Steven Sobel

Wardrobe + Prop Stylist:  Lavi Toma

Hair + Makeup:  Karen Cleary

Locations:  Tammy Stone

Casting:  Mark Mullen