#tbt Dad Time — Nick Grover

Nick Grover, head of licensing at Uniqlo, and his son, Mikio, were really fun to explore with. Mom, Surya, owns and runs Tosan Knows Best, a curated selection of goods for the raddest of dads.

We first met Nick, Mikio, and Surya at Muir Beach Overlook, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It was a beautiful, very windy drive through the mountains and along the shore. Showing off gorgeous views of Pacific oceanside cliffs, this is one breathtaking site. We even got to see a blue whale!

After, we headed to a great little spot for some roadside camping in their Westfalia van, had some snacks, and then took a hike down to a really neat tree swing that boasted ocean views on one side and mountains on the other. Mikio is full of energy and his genuine excitement for exploring cannot be ignored. And he's got quite the set of parents to continue nurturing and encouraging that desire.