This past summer, we had the opportunity to create eight custom images for the newly remodeled KinderCare Headquarters in Portland, Oregon. The assignment was to create images from a specific list of activities to be printed as wall-sized murals in their corporate offices.

Using a combination of both professional talent and real KinderCare members, it was clear that these kids had a great time even though the majority of them had just met. Throughout the day, we played so many fun games like Hopscotch, Follow the Leader, Peek-a-boo, and Red Rover (just to name a few). To keep the shoot as authentic as possible, we even shot at a local KinderCare in Schaumburg.  

Here are a handful of our favorites from the shoot.


Producer:  Trevor Power

Assistants:  Leah Fithian, Lyndon French, Tom Michas

DIT:  Derek Smith

Child Wranglers:  Meg Grunewald + Sharon Roach

Stylist:  Sebastian Toma

Hair + Makeup:  Lauren Frenden